Discount Programs

Thank you for using the Employee Discount Program (EDP) for your saving needs! The University is pleased to present discounts for a variety of products and services. The discounts serve as an additional benefits to being a valued faculty and staff member of the University of Notre Dame.

Participation Guidelines for Faculty and Staff

The discount offers are organized into categories. Select a category to see the list of participating Vendors and the discounts offered. Most of the Vendors will need to see your University ID card. Others may request you to print out a coupon or enter a special discount code on their website. Discounts will be applied at the point of purchase. Be sure to check each listing for any special requirements.


  1. Faculty and staff of the University are encouraged to compare prices, services, and products before purchasing and/or signing any purchasing agreement with the Vendor.
  2. Faculty and staff must discuss directly with the Vendor any questions or concerns that they have with the Vendor’s products, services, or the discount offered.
  3. Participation by an individual or a Vendor in the EDP does not constitute an endorsement by the University of the individual or Vendor or the products or services offered by the participating Vendor.
  4. Inclusion of a product or service in the EDP is not a guarantee by the University of the availability, quality, safety or performance of a product or service.
  5. The University is not responsible for any disputes arising between a participating Vendor and a faculty or staff member as the result of an agreement or transaction entered into between such a Vendor and the faculty or staff member.
  6. Products and services of the EDP do not constitute compensation to faculty and staff.
  7. Products and services of the EDP are available on the same basis to all faculty and staff.
  8. Specific discounts, products and services, as well as the EDP itself, are subject to discontinuation at any time without notice.

Weight Watchers

Full-time, benefit-eligible faculty and staff and their spouses enjoy 50% off the already-discounted group membership rate.

Campus Discounts

Discount Partner Programs:*

*The University of Notre Dame does not in any way endorse or affirm the products or services provided by any vendors or partners providing a discount to Notre Dame employees.

Current or Prospective Vendors

Vendors interested in providing a discount to University faculty and staff should review and agree to the EDP Procedures and Guidelines prior to submitting an offer for consideration through the EDP Vendor Discount Submission form.

Current or Prospective Discount Vendors click here.

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