Open Enrollment 2023

Open Enrollment 2023 

October 17th - November 4th

This year's Open Enrollment is Active.  That means that you must make an election by November 4th to be enrolled in benefits during 2023.

To enroll during this timeframe visit

What's New?

  • An Additional Medical Plan Option
    • New medical plan: Anthem HSA 2  
    • How it works: Higher deductible (amount you pay before insurance pays) in exchange for a lower premium (amount deducted each pay period)
  • New Alternative Medicine Coverage
    • Doula services associated with the delivery of a baby
    • Massage therapy through a providers office or healthcare facility (20-visit limit)
    • Acupuncture through a hospital or healthcare facility (20-visit limit)
  • Expanded Mental Health Services
    • The Notre Dame Wellness Center has reopened with expanded mental/emotional health, physical therapy, and pharmacy services. Clinical psychologists and licensed clinical social worker are available to help you address any mental and emotional health issues. Additionally, our Wellness Coaches are available for in-person and virtual appointments.
  • Increased Life Insurance Coverage
    • Coverage increased to $35,000 for all benefit-eligible, full-time faculty and staff
    • Provided free by the University
    • No enrollment required

Live Well Rewards


Don’t forget to participate in Live Well Rewards by November 11! This program gives benefit-eligible faculty and staff the opportunity to earn up to $360 in medical health premium credits for next year while helping them take care of their total well-being. Learn more here!


Ask Alex Hub 2

To help you find the benefit plans that are right for you, we encourage you to AskALEX.

This online support tool helps you choose the benefits and coverage options that will meet your needs and your budget. ALEX will take you through a series of simple questions to help you review what plans are available and how they work. Whether you’re picking benefits for the first time or thinking about changing plans, ALEX is the support tool for you!

Remember, you are not enrolling in benefits through ALEX, just exploring the options available to you. Get started today at



Open Enrollment Decision Guide

Oe Couple


The Open Enrollment Decision Guide will help you learn about what’s new for 2023, provide details on each of the 2023 benefits programs, and introduce you to additional resources available to help you make the best decisions during open enrollment and during the 2023 benefit year. The Open Enrollment Decision Guide is available in English, Spanish and Vietnamese.

The Open Enrollment Decision Guide (English) is mailed to the homes of all benefit-eligible faculty and staff. 


Plan Summaries and Additional Documents

2023 Supplement

This Open Enrollment Supplement contains Summaries of Benefits and Coverage for the 2023 medical benefit plans offered by the University of Notre Dame.

2023 Plan Summaries

These summaries contain more details on each benefit, including applicable co-pays or co-insurance amounts, covered services, and more.


Medical/Dental/Vision Plan Summary – 2023

Benefit Summaries by Role

Exempt Staff - 2023

Non-Exempt Staff - 2023

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Sr. Research Associate, Research Associate, Research Fellow, and Teaching Scholar - 2023

Regular Faculty - 2023

Visiting Faculty - 2023


OptumRX Premium Formulary Drug List- Effective 1/1/2023 -The Formulary Drug List is the list of drugs that are covered by your insurance plan.

OptumRX Premium Formulary Exclusion List - Effective 1/1/2023 

The Formulary Exclusion List list includes a listing of all drugs that are not covered, along with their allowable alternatives.

Voluntary Insurance

Voya Employee Benefits Resource Center

The Voya Employee Benefits Resource Center has additional information on Accident, Critical Illness, and Hospital Indemnity plans, including plan summaries and information on how to file a claim.

Voya Wellness Benefit

Members enrolled in Accident, Critical Illness, and Hospital Indemnity plans are eligible for a $50 Wellness Benefit.  

Life Insurance

Group Term Life Certificate of Insurance
This certificate summarizes the principal provisions of the University of Notre Dame group life insurance policy.