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Your HRQ (Health Risk Questionnaire) and Health Screenings

The 2012-13 year brought exciting new wellness programs to Notre Dame. On July 12, 2012 the Notre Dame Wellness Center opened to serve the health needs of Notre Dame faculty and staff. In addition, the WebMD HQ was replaced by Your HRQ (Health Risk Questionnaire), and Health Screenings are now also offered at the Wellness Center in addition to other campus locations.

Your HRQ (Health Risk Questionnaire)

Your HRQ (Health Risk Questionnaire) has replaced the WebMD HQ (Health Quotient) as a tool to help faculty, staff and their spouses to understand personal health risks. For the past seven years Notre Dame has partnered with WebMD to provide a similar tool to identify lifestyle behaviors that were having an impact on overall health.  While this has been useful to faculty and staff, the change is being made to improve the assessment feedback and offer on-site health coaching.

The 2013 questionnaire will be open beginning October 1, 2013 on the Take Care Health Patient Portal , where your health information remains protected and confidential.

Wellness Coaching

If areas of risk or concern are identified through Your HRQ, you will have the opportunity to work with an on-site Wellness Coach at the Notre Dame Wellness Center.  The Wellness Coaching Program is designed to help achieve a lasting lifestyle change in the area of weight, stress, nutrition, exercise, smoking cessation, work/life balance, and life satisfaction.  All wellness coaching services are free, confidential and provided by a certified wellness coach.

Health Screenings

In 2013, you will have the option of scheduling your health screenings at the Wellness Center or with Memorial Health & Lifestyle at various locations, dates, and times across campus.  The screening results will be downloaded into Your HRQ

Why get a health screening?
The screening is an effective health risk identification solution and education tool.  It is designed to help improve your understanding of your health and well-being by providing new insights through laboratory results.  Your results will be automatically entered into the new Your HRQ (if you have your screenings done by one of the two providers below).  Remember:  This is a two step process: 

  • Step 1 – Get your screening. 
  • Step 2 – Complete Your HRQ

Not only will you have valuable health risk information, but you will receive a $120 incentive ($60 for spouses who complete the process).

Where can I get a health screening?
Choose the location and time that best fits your schedule:

Choice 1: Screenings at the Notre Dame Wellness Center
Screenings at the Wellness Center are available starting August, 2013. 

To schedule an appointment:

  • Call the Notre Dame Wellness Center at 634-WELL (9355)
  • Schedule online at the patient portal at

Choice 2: Screenings by Memorial Health & Lifestyle, part of Memorial Health System

  • Screenings for specific departments will be held throughout campus, and will be announced within each department.
  • Campus-wide screenings will be available beginning September. Watch for more information. 

What is the cost?

What do I do with the information?
For screenings done at the Notre Dame Wellness Center or by Memorial Health System, the results will automatically be downloaded into Your HRQ.  For screening results not performed by one of these two providers, please manually input the results in the HRQ.

What is Your HRQ? 
Your HRQ (Health Risk Questionnaire) is a tool that helps identify healthy and unhealthy lifestyle behaviors.  With this knowledge, you take a step toward reaching or maintaining good health by assessing your current health status, identifying health risks, learning ways to improve your lifestyle and reduce risks.

Is it confidential?
Your privacy is protected both during the screening process and afterward.  The University of Notre Dame does not receive information linking your screening results to you.  Here’s what happens:

  • Your screening is conducted by either the Notre Dame Wellness Center or by the Memorial Health & Lifestyle Center. 
  • All data is merged into Your HRQ.  They collect aggregate data on results as an organization, but none of the information they retain is attached to you in any way. That’s
    why it’s so important for you to keep these records of your results.
  • After your screening is complete, your results will be written in a pamphlet for your records.  No other record identifying your results will exist, so be sure to keep this information in a safe place.  Save it and you’ll have a record of your results from year to year.

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