Position Description

Guidelines for Completing the Position Description (PD)

The PD is the first tab on the Staff Position Management Form. The PD is used by the university to gather facts about a position to determine the appropriate assignment into the family, sub-family, career stream and career level. This form is intended to accurately describe the position, not the skill or performance level of the incumbent or current employee.

Completion of a PD is required for a new position or to review a position that currently exists. The Staff Position Management Form with the Position Description and Approval and Funding tabs completed needs to be emailed from the department/division Business Manager to the Office of Human Resources (compteam@nd.edu) in order to place the position into the compensation program.

Detailed Instructions for Each Section

Position Description

This section at the top of the page asks for basic information regarding the position, such as: Key Contact, Employing Org #, Hiring Manager, etc.

Position Summary Statement

This section provides an overview of the position and its role at the University. Describe the overall purpose of the position using two or three sentences.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Please describe the major duties and responsibilities of the position, and provide a best estimate of the percentage of time spent on each area of responsibility.

If the position requires greater detail to explain, please feel free to provide every detail necessary to provide a comprehensive understanding of the position. The duties and responsibilities of most positions can be grouped into four or five major categories or activities. Assigning a percentage of time can be done using a daily, monthly, or an annual schedule as a frame of reference. The total of the percentages should equal 100%. For example:
Office Coordinator Example

Responsibility 1: Administrative — 40%
Performs administrative duties, such as screening calls and visitors (average of 50 per day); answering inquiries; processing mail; arranging meetings; making travel arrangements for six people; and ordering supplies.

Responsibility 2: Word Processing Applications— 30%
Uses a working knowledge of software programs to enter, revise, format and produce a variety of documents (such as minutes, agendas, reports, grant applications, correspondence, exams, etc.) for three department chairs.

Responsibility 3: Maintains Financial Records and Accounts — 20%
Maintains manual and computerized record systems. Processes payroll and personnel documents for 30 people. Balances monthly statements and maintains financial accounts using spreadsheet software.

Responsibility 4: Supervision — 10%
Plans and coordinates the work of three student assistants.

The position description provides a section for each responsibility. The responsibilities should be described and prioritized according to percentage of time. This means that responsibilities requiring the highest percentage of time should be listed first.

On the top line of each section, describe the responsibility or activity using a descriptive word or phrase. Then, describe the responsibility in a way that can be understood by someone not immediately familiar with the work.

When describing the responsibility, try to begin each statement with an action verb, such as “plans”, “trains”, “counsels”, “cleans”, “repairs”, “prepares”, “develops”, “directs”, “designs”, etc. This assists the reader in understanding the nature of the responsibility.

If more space is required, please attach additional pages as necessary to properly describe your job.

Problem Solving

For this section, choose from the drop down options the statement that best describes the level of problem solving for which the position is routinely responsible. Provide three to five examples of decisions routinely made and indicate the impact. Examples of impact: budgetary impact for department, impact on enrollment numbers, impact on endowment amounts, impact on meeting accreditation requirements, etc.

Policy Development and Change

Choose from the drop down options the statement that best describes the level of policy development and change responsibilities required of the position and provide an example.

Reporting Relationships

Choose from the drop down options the statement that best characterizes the position’s responsibilities for providing functional guidance or direct supervision over others. If the position is responsible for supervision, indicate the number of direct and indirect reports in the respective boxes.

Organizational Chart

Complete the chart for this position and the reporting relationships above it.

Working Conditions and Physical Requirements

List any hazardous conditions or physical demands required by the position.

Choose from the drop down options the statement that best captures the degree of independence under which this position operates.

Oversight and Direction

Choose from the drop down options the statement that best captures the degree of independence under which this position operates.

Minimum Qualifications Required to Perform the Position

Choose from the drop down options the minimum combination of education and experience that is required to satisfactorily perform the functions of the position. Indicate the minimum required qualifications and not the preferred or desired qualifications. Note that for some positions, experience and education may be substituted. If a degree is required for the position (Associate through Doctorate) indicate the field(s) of study. Also indicate any licenses, certifications or registrations that are required to qualify for this position. List any skills or abilities that are important for this position as well as the type of experience, if any, that would be the most beneficial (include specialized equipment or technology which is required for the position).

Additional Comments

If further comments are needed please use this area or attach an additional sheet.

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