Worker's Compensation

Applies to Administrators, Faculty, and Staff
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The University provides a Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program to protect employees from loss of income and/or cost of medical care attributable to a work-related injury or illness. The program covers personal injury, illness or death by an accident arising out of and in the course of employment. Coverage starts immediately upon employment. In general, Workers’ Compensation Benefits provide an eligible employee with a 2/3-salary reimbursement up to allowable Indiana maximums.

Medical Treatment Services

The University furnishes physician services and any other necessary medical care to the employee. Notre Dame Wellness Center professionals on campus administer medical treatment for injuries incurred at work and determine necessary referrals to other physicians, specialists, or facilities.

In cases of emergency, medical treatment that cannot be provided by the Notre Dame Wellness Center is provided by St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center – Mishawaka emergency room. If transportation is necessary for treatment of the injury or illness, the Notre Dame Security/Police Department will determine the appropriate method of transportation to the proper medical facility.

Expenses for work-related injuries not reported to the employee’s supervisor, or expenses from medical facilities other than those indicated above, will not be eligible for reimbursement. Employees who refuse to accept tendered medical services or refuse to undergo medical examination will face the possibility of losing all workers’ compensation benefits.

Pay during Workers’ Compensation Related Absences

Employees off work as a result of a work-related injury or illness may be eligible for workers compensation payments beginning with the eighth calendar day of total disability at the rate of 2/3rds regular pay. Compensation is paid for the first seven calendar days only if the work-related disability continues more than twenty-one (21) days. The employee may elect to be paid for the additional 1/3rd pay using their available sick time.

All Workers’ Compensation issues and questions should be referred to the Risk Management and Safety Department or by calling 631- 5037.


Detailed information on the reporting procedures followed by the University may be obtained from the Office of Risk Management and Safety by calling 631-5037.

Reporting Responsibilities
The employee should:

  • Inform their supervisor immediately of any work-related injury, no matter how minor
  • By direction of their supervisor, have an evaluation of all work-related injuries or illnesses at the Wellness Center.

The supervisor should:

  • Report the injury to Risk Management and Safety within 24 hours of the injury by completing a First Report of Incident form and submitting to the Office of Risk Management & Safety, 636 Grace Hall
  • Report employee absences due to a work-related illness or injury on either a Report of Absences or Overtime Worked form for semi-monthly paid staff or administrators, or on a timecard or via electronic timekeeping for hourly paid employees, as appropriate. Indicate that this is Worker’s Compensation by checking the “Worker’s Compensation” box on the Report of Absences or Overtime Worked form or by writing “Worker’s Compensation” on the timecard.


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