Sick Leave / Salary Continuation-Exempt Staff

Last Updated 08/2010
Applies to Exempt Staff


The University offers salary continuation to provide continued income when an exempt staff’s personal illness necessitates absence from work. Paid sick leave benefits are also provided in the event of an illness of an immediate family member or when the need for time off arises to attend medical or dental appointments or to conduct personal business.


Full-time exempt staff are eligible to receive their full base pay for up to a maximum of six months over a rolling 12-month period. Part-time exempt staff are eligible to receive their full base pay for up to three months during their first two years of employment and up to six months thereafter.

Personal Illness

Salary continuation may be used for the exempt staff’s absence due to personal illness or injury or due to personal medical or dental appointments which cannot be scheduled except during working hours. Absences of four days or longer require a physician’s statement upon return to work, and the supervisor may request a physician’s statement for absences of less than four days, if circumstances warrant.

Family Illness

Up to five (5) days per calendar year may be used for the illness or medical/dental appointments of a spouse, child/stepchild, or parent.

For purposes of this policy, a child or stepchild is any child under the age of 18 or a child 18 or older who has a permanent or temporary health condition that requires assistance with activities of daily living.

Personal Days

Up to two (2) days per calendar year may be used for personal business. Personal days should be submitted, and will be deducted in one-half day or full-day increments. Personal days must be pre-arranged with the supervisor.


Reporting and Recording Absences

Exempt staff should report absences under this policy to their supervisor whether for personal illness, family illness, or personal days. Advance notice of absence is expected whenever possible, in particular when requesting personal days.

A record of exempt staff absences is maintained in individual departments.

Please refer to the FMLA Policy if there is any possibility your absence may qualify as FMLA. If you believe your absence may be due to a FMLA qualifying reason, you must contact The Hartford at 1-877-877-6067.

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