Moving and Relocation

Last Updated 8/07
Applies to Exempt Staff
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At the discretion of the department, the University may offer the equivalent of up to one month’s gross salary for the moving expenses of a newly hired employee for moves of at least fifty miles. Moving expenses are paid out of departmental budgets.

New employees note

Reimbursable moving expenses include:

  • Transportation and storage of household goods
  • Travel
  • Lodging (excluding meals) incurred during the actual move

Any reimbursed amount that falls outside of the above listed reimbursable moving expense categories or that exceeds receipted moving expenses is considered taxable income.

Any taxable portion will be reported on the employee’s year-end Form W-2, and the employee is responsible for any related tax consequences. More detailed information regarding moving expense reimbursements, deductions, and tax related issues may be found on the Controller’s website. (PDF)


The Office of Human Resources provides information on moving companies who offer substantial savings to University employees.

Moving Company Selection

It is recommended that the employee obtains estimates from at least two moving companies. Although their use is not required, the University has established contracts with the following moving companies that offer competitive pricing and convenient billing services to University employees:

Stevens Worldwide Van Lines Alicia Snook 1–800-955-5421
Wheaton/Crown Moving and Storage Phil Beanblossom 1-800-248-7960
Wiltfong /United Van Lines Jerry Pelletier 1-800-955-6118

After an estimate has been agreed upon, the employee should notify the Office of Human Resources at 574-631-5900 of the selected moving company.

Payment of Relocation Benefits

Final invoices from our three moving company vendors should be directed to the Office of Human Resources, 200 Grace Hall, to arrange for direct payment to these companies. Covered/qualified moving expenses are charged to the appropriate departmental budget. Any balance above the employee’s allotments will be billed to the employee.

Employees who choose to move their own household goods should submit moving expenses using the ND expense reimbursement system (travelND). See your department for detailed instructions on how to submit an expense report.

Note: faculty are requested to provide their department name and campus address to the moving company. This will ensure timely delivery of the invoice and prompt payment to the vendor.

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