Leave of Absence, Personal

Last Updated February 2011
Applies to Faculty and Exempt and Non-exempt Staff


The University recognizes that personal circumstances may necessitate that an employee focus their attention outside the workplace for short periods of time. For this reason, departments may consider requests from employees to take an unpaid personal leave of absence. Regular full-time or part-time employees who have completed three years of continuous employment are eligible.

Duration and Approval of Leaves

Leaves may be granted up to a maximum of 12 months. Departmental approval of a personal leave is based upon operational issues, availability of replacements, the nature of the request, and job performance.

Length of Leave Approval Process
Less than one month At department’s discretion
One month to 12 months At department’s discretion in consultation with the Office of Human Resources
Beyond 12 months Only for educational leave. At department’s discretion in consultation with the Office of Human Resources

Examples of reasons that are not eligible for Personal Leave of Absence include:

  • To accept other employment (unless such employment relates to the staff member’s responsibilities in their current position with the University or is for government service)
  • To pursue an independent business venture, or
  • To use in lieu of any other leave of absence provision offered by the University (e.g. Sick Leave, Funeral Leave, FMLA, Military Leave)


Employees returning from an approved Personal Leave of Absence of 90 days or less return to the same position they held prior to the leave. If the initial request exceeds 90 days or a leave extension beyond 90 days is requested, the department may review operational needs to decide if, and how long, the employee’s position can be held open. An employee who does not return to work on the date specified will be terminated as of the last day of the leave of absence.

Benefits during the Leave

Accrued vacation and personal days must be taken as part of the requested leave. Accrued sick leave will remain intact; however, no additional sick time will be accrued while the employee is on leave. Holidays are not paid during the leave. There will be no loss of seniority. ND Flex Benefits (medical, dental, life insurance, dependent life insurance, vision, and flexible spending accounts) may be continued by the employee at full premium cost. If the employee elects to continue ND Flex Benefits payment must be remitted by the fifth day of each month to the Office of Human Resources. Failure to pay may result in cancellation of coverage.


Employees should provide a written request with full details of the reason for the leave to the department head at least (30) days prior to the first date of the requested leave, or as soon as reasonably possible.

Supervisors should report unpaid Personal Leaves of Absence using a Report of Absences or Overtime Worked form, a time card, or the electronic timekeeping system as applicable. A “Leave of Absence Form” must be submitted for exempt staff unpaid Personal Leaves of Absence.


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