Alternative Work Site

Last Updated 01/03
Applies to Exempt and Non-Exempt Staff
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In recognition of the challenges employees may face in balancing the demands of the work place with personal needs, it is the policy of the University of Notre Dame to support the creation of alternative work site assignments, of either short term or long term duration, as mutually agreed to by the individual employee, the supervisor and the department head. The Alternative Work Site Policy is established in consideration of technological advances and in recognition that some positions may be conducive to less traditional work site arrangements.


Eligible Employees

Regular, full-time, part-time, exempt and non-exempt staff in good standing with the University are eligible to be considered for this type of work arrangement.

Policy Provisions

Definition – Alternative work site arrangements are defined as work performed at the employee’s home or other off-site location that may be linked electronically (i.e., by computer and/or by telephone) to a central office of the University.

Requests – Requests for alternative work site arrangements are subject to the approval of the employee’s supervisor and department head based on the department’s operational needs. Approvals may take into account the nature of the work involved, the duration of the assignment, and the suitability of the proposed work site. Representatives of the Office of Human Resources and the Department of Risk Management and Safety are available to assist departments in structuring an agreement and in assessing the suitability of the proposed work site.

General Guidelines

  • The employee’s duties, obligations, responsibilities and conditions of employment with the University remain unchanged when the agreement involves only a change in work location. Salary, retirement plan benefits, and University-sponsored insurance coverage will not change unless mandated by the number of hours worked. Job responsibilities, standards of performance, and performance evaluations remain the same as when working at the regular University work site.
  • Work hours, overtime compensation, and vacation schedule conform to applicable personnel policies. Requests to work overtime, schedule vacation, use sick leave, or in any other way alter the agreed upon schedule are subject to the approval of the supervisor the same as when working at the regular University work site.
  • The employee remains obligated to comply with all pertinent University rules, policies and practices, and instructions that would apply if the employee were working at the regular University work site.
  • The employee will report in person to their supervisor at predetermined times and dates as required for ongoing departmental interactions and will participate in any University required training, meetings, etc. as deemed necessary by management.
  • It is the employee’s responsibility to maintain a designated workspace in a safe condition free from hazards. This space will be subject to on-site visits by University representatives.
  • Use of equipment, software, data, supplies and furniture provided by the University for working in an off-site location is limited to authorized persons for the performance of University business. The employee is responsible for ensuring all items are properly used and maintained.


Request for Alternative Work Site Assignment

  • Application for an alternative work site arrangement is made by an employee through their supervisor. When an agreement is reached between the employee and the department, a Request for Alternative Work Site Assignment form and an Alternative Work Site Agreement , both signed and dated by the employee, the supervisor, and the department head, are submitted to the Office of Human Resources.
  • The Office of Human Resources, in cooperation with the Department of Risk Management and Safety, reviews the request to ensure that the needs of the employee, the department, and the University are met. This process includes a review of the proposed work site, equipment, and any other factors as deemed appropriate.

Termination of Agreement

Unless specifically stated in the signed Alternative Work Site Agreement, the agreement remains in effect until such time as either party wishes to terminate it. Appropriate notice of termination should be given by the requesting party to provide adequate time for any alternate arrangements that either party must make. Notification that an agreement has been terminated should be made in writing and provided by the department head to the Office of Human Resources.

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