ND Voice 2014


What is ND Voice 2014?

ND Voice 2014 is the University’s fifth bi-annual employee engagement survey. This confidential survey asks your opinions on workplace topics such as training, pay and benefits, respect and fairness, and more. Your feedback helps the Notre Dame workplace – and your department – be the best it can be.

Who should take the survey?

If you are a Notre Dame staff member, we want your feedback – even if you’ve taken a previous survey. University-wide participation in ND Voice 2014 is key to the survey’s goals: spotting issues and taking action.

What happens after the survey?

The University looks at the overall results, and each department also looks at its own results. When the results are compared to previous surveys, trends emerge. Did prior action areas improve? Have new opportunities developed? A lot can change in two years, and your feedback starts the sort of conversations that have already led to many positive changes.


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When ND Voice results revealed opportunities to improve interactions between faculty and staff, the Graduate School formed a faculty/staff roundtable to forge better understandings of the working relationships. When ND Voice results revealed opportunities to increase understanding of different teams’ roles, Building Services created a rotation program. Supervisors swapped shifts to experience their colleagues’ unique challenges. When ND Voice results revealed a need for greater development opportunities, the University created a variety of centrally-funded learning programs to advance faculty and staff careers and confidence.

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