ND Voice 2012


ND Voice Toolkit

For managers: How to review and implement your department’s 2012 ND Voice results.

What is ND Voice?

ND Voice offers you an opportunity to express your views on a variety of issues relating to the University and your responsibilities. The questionnaire includes items that cover a number of important topics, such as leadership, teamwork, training and development, and empowerment. The survey is administered and compiled for the University by an external party, Quantum Workplace, allowing your responses to remain confidential.

History of ND Voice

The first ND Voice survey began in November of 2006. Prior to the survey, university leadership shared the core values, critical to each of our roles at Notre Dame. The values are important because they give a collective sense of purpose and a connection to our Catholic character in our quest for excellence.

To accomplish this mission and to achieve the university’s goals, Notre Dame must be a rewarding place for individuals to work. In November 2006 ND Voice was used to solicit input on what was working well and what opportunities there were for improvement. The results provided the feedback leadership needed to turn vision into reality.

John Affleck-Graves, Executive Vice President and Robert McQuade, Vice President of Human Resources held a series of meetings across campus to share the overall results. A timeline was provided to managers outlining the next steps to communicate, review and develop action steps for improvement. Since the first survey, Notre Dame has continued the process every two years.


1) Is the survey really anonymous?

All of your opinions are confidential. You have been assigned a randomly generated link to enable you to complete the survey. The University of Notre Dame does not have any knowledge of which link was given to a specific employee. The University of Notre Dame does not have access to the server containing survey data. Once you hit the “Submit Survey” button, your link is invalidated and cannot be used again. This means that in the unlikely event of someone getting hold of your link, they will NOT be able to access your survey once the survey has been submitted. Even you cannot re-access your survey once you submit it.

Quantum Workplace has a contractual agreement with Notre Dame to not report results for groups of fewer than five (5) respondents.

2) If I do not use e-mail, how will I respond to the survey?

Employees who do not have regular access to e-mail at work will be scheduled to attend a meeting at their work site. These meetings will be proctored by external facilitators. You will receive a paper copy of the survey and be given time to complete the survey. The survey will be collected by the facilitator and sent to Quantum Workplace. The data will be compiled and added to the responses from the on-line surveys.

If you prefer to take your copy of the survey with you and return it at a later date you may do so. Secure collection boxes will be located in Human Resources – 200 Grace Hall.

All surveys must be in no later than 5:30 p.m. October 28, 2012.

3) Will I be able to write in comments on the survey?

Yes, the survey has a place to write comments at the end of the survey. Comments are kept confidential to the extent possible.

4) Who is Quantum Workplace?

Quantum Workplace makes complex data understandable, so it’s easy for organizations to take action. Quantum Workplace serves more than 5,000 organizations annually through employee engagement surveys, action-planning tools, leadership assessment, and employer of choice recognition.

5) Will my supervisor be able to see specific responses for his / her area?

No. Data will be reported for groups of 5 or more. In most cases, the reports will combine a number of smaller departments. For example, Building Services will receive a report for all janitorial services (not for each supervisor group).

6) What will be done with the information gathered by the survey?

Quantum Workplace will analyze the data and create reports that show the results for each question. They will compare our results to the norms from surveys they have conducted in the United States. The information will be shared with the University. The University will then share the results with individual departments and employees. From what is learned the University will develop initiatives to continue to improve the work experience at Notre Dame. Past initiatives include: Learning at Work, Frontline Supervision, and ND Renew.

7) Who will participate in the survey?

Administrators and staff who are regular full or part time employees will participate in the survey. The survey will not include faculty (regular, adjunct or visiting), post docs, on-call, or temporary employees. Interns will be included.

8) What if I don’t have enough time to finish my survey in one sitting?

You may exit out of your survey at any time. Your answers will be saved, and you may re-access your survey by clicking the original link provided to you by Quantum Workplace.

9) If I have decided to finish my survey later, how can I retrieve my partially completed survey?

To access your survey, use the link provided to you by Quantum Workplace. It will take you directly to the page where you left off. If you have misplaced the email with the link, you may email surveysupport@quantumworkplace.com requesting your link be resent.

10) What happens if I accidentally quit my browser?

All of your responses up to the page you were currently working on are saved. To access your survey, use the link provided to you by Quantum Workplace. If you have misplaced the email with the link, you may email surveysupport@quantumworkplace.com requesting your link be resent.

11) During the survey the text on the screen is too large (or too small).

The survey is set up for viewing on a standard 800 × 600 display. If you find that the text is either too small or too large on the screen, select ‘Text size’ in Internet Explorer from the ‘View’ option in the menu bar and choose the size of text you prefer. In Firefox, go to the ‘View’ menu and select ‘Zoom in’.

12) Where is the “Submit Survey” button?

Respondents must go to the end of the survey to click the “Submit Survey” button.

13) Can I change my answers after submitting my survey?

By clicking the “Submit Survey” button, you submit your survey to Quantum Workplace. Unfortunately, there is no way for you to go back and change your answers after you submit the survey.

14) How does the survey know what area I work in, I didn’t see any questions about this?

If you take the survey online, we have pre-coded your e-mail to your department code. Once you have responded to the survey your individual identity is dropped and the survey just knows in what group your responses should be compiled. If you take the paper survey, your facilitator will give you the proper code to write on the survey.

15) If your question has not been answered:

Please send an email to surveysupport@quantumworkplace.com and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

Send us your comments and questions.