2016-17 Performance Review Updates


August 1, 2016

Over the past few months, the Office of Human Resources has evaluated the Performance Management process and solicited input across campus. Many ideas were submitted on how to make the process more valuable and convenient, and we are pleased to announce the following improvements for the 2016-17 performance year.

Simplified Endeavor process

The Endeavor tool has been simplified for the 2016-17 performance year in several ways.

Combined comments

Previously, during mid-year and year-end reviews, managers and staff were asked to enter a separate comment for each goal and each University value.

What’s new: This year, Endeavor’s comments entry fields will be limited to only two: one overall comment for all goals, and another overall comment for University values.

Managers and staff should continue to offer feedback during the review process, and written comments are one valuable way to do that. However, the most important part of the process is the conversation that follows. While written comments may be kept brief, they should be discussed in greater detail during the performance conversation.

Combined ratings

Previously, during year-end reviews, Endeavor required a rating to be assigned for each goal and each University value. However, managers have told us that assigning individual ratings is often difficult, especially for some values.

What’s new: This year, you will be asked only for two ratings: one combined rating for all goals, and one combined rating for all values.

When assigning a rating for goals, managers and staff should consider the staff member’s performance on all of the goals collectively and assign a single rating for the overall performance. Similarly, a single rating should be assigned for overall demonstration of University values.

Flexible timing

What’s new: Managers are now free to set internal schedules for mid-year and year-end reviews. While the entire process must be completed by May 15, these changes allow individual departments the flexibility to set deadlines that best suit their needs.

The Office of Human Resources will continue to send campus-wide reminders at each step of the process. However, managers who opt for alternate deadlines will need to communicate those expectations to staff, and staff will need to complete tasks as requested by their managers.

New for 2016: Cascading goals

Often, a staff member’s individual goal will be similar to (or the same as) a goal of the department.

What’s new: A new tool now permits managers to easily align staff and departmental goals by directly assigning (or ‘cascading’) departmental goals to one or more staff members.

Staff, if your manager takes advantage of the cascading tool, you will see one or more goals pre-populated for you when you log in to Endeavor. You will be able to edit them, but we encourage you to discuss this with your manager first.

Other Notes

  • Development plans are unchanged. A comment will still be requested for each of the staff member’s development plan(s).
  • Goals may be revised. As before, Endeavor will continue to allow goals to be added or revised at any time until the completion of the mid-year review.
  • Progress and start/due dates optional. Endeavor permits you to track your progress and the start/due dates for each goal. These features are optional unless requested by your manager.

What you should do now

  • Enter goals. Beginning August 2, 2016, the Endeavor performance module will be open for all staff to enter goals and development plans.
  • Consult with your manager. Managers should advise their staff on setting goals, expected deadlines, and provide other guidance as needed.
  • Review the Performance Management webpage. For more information on the Performance Management process — including guidance on how to set goals, please visit the Performance Management webpage.

Additional improvements to come

The University’s leadership has named performance management among its University-wide goals for 2016-2017. The Office of Human Resources is excited to continue evaluating the process over the course of this performance year, and we look forward to making it even more valuable and convenient for you.

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