Leading with Impact Institute


For supervisors and first-level managers who are ready to transform their supervisory relationship with their staff. This challenging series requires commitments of time, energy and effort to improve the way you manage others.


  • Learn and network with peers from across campus
  • Visibility with senior leaders
  • Complete a team project that addresses current University needs


To be eligible for nomination, nominees must have completed Frontline Supervision.

Program Description

The Leading with Impact Institute is a collaborative effort with the Office of Human Resources and Mendoza College of Business Executive Education. The series advances participants’ skills and increases their understanding and awareness of supervisory responsibilities, organization impact, and employee development. The primary goal is to help participants significantly improve their ability to manage people and the performance of their departments. The program encourages information exchange, peer-to-peer networking and learning, and practical skill application. The series also provides exposure to the university’s senior leaders through interactive luncheon presentations.

Participants are awarded a University of Notre Dame certificate and can receive continuing education credits (CEUs) or continuing professional education credits (CPEs) upon completion. Participants must attend at least six of seven full sessions and meaningfully contribute to the team project.


Leading with Impact Institute – 2015-16 Cohort
October 6, 2015 – April 12, 2016
9:00 am – 4:00 pm each day

Tuesday, October 6, 2015 Impact as a Leader Paul Slaggert Room 205, Stayer Center
Tuesday, November 10, 2015 Motivating Employees for Change & Innovation Paul Slaggert Room 205, Stayer Center
Tuesday, December 8, 2015 Project Management & Presentation Skills Kara McClure Room 205, Stayer Center
Tuesday, January 19, 2016 People-Side of Supervision Gar Trusley Room 205, Stayer Center
Tuesday, February 9, 2016 Strengthening Interpersonal Skills Gar Trusley Room 205, Stayer Center
Tuesday, March 8, 2016 Building a HI Performance Team Gar Trusley Room 205, Stayer Center
Tuesday, April 12, 2016 Making Decisions and Solving Problems Pete DeLisle Room 205, Stayer Center

Note: participants must meet eligibility requirements.


This program is for current supervisors and managers looking to transform their relationship with their staff in order to impact the performance of their teams. Successful nominees will have supervisory experience and have completed Frontline Supervision or an equivalent application-oriented supervisory fundamentals program. Participation is limited to 30.

Learning Objectives

  • Update supervisors on today’s proven and emerging supervisory principles and techniques.
  • Enhance participants’ ability to, prioritize, plan, delegate, manage performance, and lead teams.
  • Expand supervisor’s perspectives to include overall university goals, values and organizational change.
  • Identify development needs of individuals and guide employees to develop their full potential.
  • Communicate effectively with direct reports, cross-functional teams and superiors.
  • Enhance presentation skills and the ability to conduct productive meetings.
  • Optimize decision-making skills and apply proven problem-solving techniques to everyday challenges.
  • Increase project management skills through the team project which will result in improvements in current University processes, programs or services.
  • Prepare to master supervisory skills in current position and potentially to transition to management and leadership positions.

Application Process

Individuals are selected through a Nomination/Application (.doc) process. The manager and the candidate need to identify specific development goals in order to complete the form. Completion of Frontline Supervision is a key consideration. Please submit nominations by September 18, 2015.

Investment & Commitment

Attendance of all seven sessions (exceptions will be reviewed by Learning & Organizational Development.)

Participation in all aspects of the team project, including the final team presentation.

Creation of Learning Commitment by the manager and the participant prior to the Program Kick-Off for use during the Kick-Off session.

Departments are not charged for this program.


Paul J. Slaggert is the Director of Non-Degree Programs Executive Education in the Mendoza College of Business and leader of corporate training sessions on leadership, change, delegation, empowerment, and financial literacy.

Gar Trusley is President of Gar Trusley & Associates, a management consulting firm based in Columbus, Ohio. Gar’s “hands-on” approach applies real world tools to on-the-job problem solving.

Kara McClure facilitates a variety of campus learning programs in the professional, supervisory and leadership development areas. She is a certified Senior Human Resource Professional (SPHR), is both a national and local member, and served as chair of the Diversity Committee for the Michiana SHRM chapter.

Pete DeLisle is the Leslie B. Crane Chair and Professor of Leadership Studies and Director of the Posey Leadership Institute at Austin College. Professor DeLisle’s background in education includes award-winning teaching in engineering, education and commerce. He provides contemporary research of best practices to update participants’ knowledge of decision-making and problem-solving concepts and processes using applied case scenarios.

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