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As part of creating a top performing culture, the University uses an online talent management system, Endeavor. Endeavor provides electronic tools to register for and track learning programs and conduct the performance management process for staff and administrators, as well as create individual My Profiles which will allow employees to record their experiences and skills in the form of an internal online resume. These tools enable the University to better match skills of our current employees to job opportunities, thereby providing more career growth and satisfaction.

Accessing Endeavor

You can access Endeavor in various ways.

  1. Go to: https://endeavor.nd.edu and log in with your NetID and password.
  2. Log onto https://inside.nd.edu and click on the Endeavor logo on the left side of the screen. This will take you to Endeavor’s Home Dashboard and you will not need to enter your NetID or password again.
  3. Click on the link from any of the individual Learning Programs listed on the Learning & Education page of this website.

Once you have accessed the Home Dashboard, you may choose to access the Learning tool, Performance Management tool or My Profile tool.

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Learning Management Tool

To search and register for a learning program to help you develop specific skills, you need to log into Endeavor via endeavor.nd.edu or via inside.nd.edu and access Learning from the Home Dashboard by selecting “Learning” located in the bar under the Endeavor logo. Follow these instructions to access the learning functions: Endeavor Quick Reference Guide – Learning

Performance Management Tool

After logging into Endeavor via endeavor.nd.edu or via inside.nd.edu, the Home Dashboard will appear. From there, you can enter goals/expectations, complete your mid-year and year-end reviews, and access past performance reviews, or you can select the Performance tab for more functions regarding performance management. Access the Quick Reference Guides (Exempt or Non-Exempt for complete instructions regarding the use of the performance management tool.

Talent Profile Tool

After logging into Endeavor via https://endeavor.nd.edu or inside.nd.edu, the Home Dashboard will appear. Click on “Update My Profile” located under the photo field. “My Profile” tool enables you to create a profile of your professional and educational experiences, as well as a listing of your professional skills. This information can serve as a way to showcase your talents, experience and qualifications to assist you in your career aspirations. Talent Profile Instructions and FAQs.

Additional Tools for Managers

The user guide provides instructions on entering your own information for the currently active functions: My Profile, Performance, and Learning.

  • Clearly communicating information that enables your direct reports to enter goals/expectations and development plans.
  • Ensuring that your direct reports have the necessary training or assistance to complete their tasks in the system.
  • Completing manager tasks for each of your direct reports in a timely manner, especially for the Performance function.
  • Being informed about your direct reports’ background experience,credentials and skill sets.

How do I access Endeavor when I am not in the office?

Log into Endeavor via https://endeavor.nd.edu or inside.nd.edu.

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