About Career Services

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About Career Services for Notre Dame Staff

Career Services for Notre Dame Staff is a service of the Office of Human Resources. This program supports the University’s commitment to providing opportunities for employees to further develop their skills in both their current and future roles.

To foster a University environment of high performance and lifelong learning, our program offers tools and resources to help you:

  • identify your strengths and transferable abilities
  • develop your professional skills
  • explore your career strategy
  • search for the right fit as you progress at the University

Your career development is a lifelong process. Our mission is to empower you with the knowledge and skills you need to create your own path to success.

Our Services

Career Services for Notre Dame Staff can help you achieve your career goals through a comprehensive offering of services, including:

  • workshops and group programs
  • online resources and practice clinics
  • interest and assessment instruments
  • training and developmental workshops
  • learning series and educational opportunities
  • guidance in the practical aspects of a job search

For more information and descriptions of these resources, we encourage you to explore the Office of Human Resources’ Learning and Professional Development website at "hr.nd.edu/career-development”:/career-development.

Supporting Roles

To be meaningful and successful, career development must be a shared responsibility between you (the employee), your manager, and Human Resources.

Your Role

It is up to you to take ownership of your career development. Throughout this process, you should:
pursue developmental feedback

  • have open dialogue with your manager
  • utilize available resources to develop your skills
  • look for opportunities to learn while supporting the goals of the organization
  • know yourself

Your Manager’s Role

While your career development is primarily your own responsibility, your manager may offer support and advice, help you identify skills gaps, and provide regular feedback. Consider asking your manager to:

  • create appropriate developmental activities that will assist in generating success in the current role
  • provide opportunities and resources that will assist in future advancement opportunities
  • suggest alternatives
  • monitor your progress

HR’s Role

The Office of Human Resources also offers support and resources to employees and managers. HR can:

  • facilitate developmental workshops and trainings
  • update and maintain developmental resources
  • identify and promote learning opportunities in line with organizational goals

Need more? Just askHR
The askHR Customer Service Center is ready to greet you personally at 200 Grace Hall, by telephone at 631-5900 or by email at askhr@nd.edu.

How can Career Services for Notre Dame Staff help you?

Samples of our services


  • Career assessments and checklists
  • Resume and cover letter reviews
  • Interview tips and mock interviews
  • Managing My Career
  • Launching Me, Inc.
  • Customized presentations for departments

For more information about Career Services for Notre Dame Staff:

  • Visit our website at “hr.nd.edu/careerservices”:”/career-development/careerservices
  • Contact the askHR Customer Service Center at 574-631-5900 or askHR@nd.edu. Or, stop by 200 Grace Hall.

Note: Career Services office hours are by appointment only.

Please note: While Career Services for Notre Dame Staff provides tools and other resources to guide you in your career management, we are not responsible for placing employees in employment positions.