Dependent Life Insurance

The University offers benefit-eligible employees two options of Dependent Life Insurance coverage for eligible family members who meet the dependent verification requirements. Eligible family members include a spouse and any unmarried dependent child(ren) under age 19 as well as any unmarried child(ren) between the ages of 19 and 25 who are full-time students and considered dependent(s). If both husband and wife are employed by the University and are eligible for insurance, they will be insured as employees only and either one, not both, may insure their child(ren).

If you are a new employee within 31 days from your date of hire or a current employee within 31 days of a qualifying event and select dependent life insurance coverage, you do not need to complete an Evidence of Insurability (EOI) form for the lowest coverage option. During the annual open enrollment period all employees who are newly electing dependent life insurance for a spouse will need to complete an Evidence of Insurability (EOI) form. Eligible children not previously declined coverage can be added to your policy during the annual open enrollment period without providing an Evidence of Insurability (EOI) form.

Dependent Life Insurance Rates

Coverage Monthly Cost
Options for Spouse
$12,500 Benefit for spouse $ 5.64
$25,000 Benefit for spouse $11.30
Options for Child(ren)
$5,000 Benefit for child(ren) $0.76
$10,000 Benefit for child(ren) $1.52

Additional Information

A person cannot have duplicate life insurance under the University’s group life insurance policy. For example, an employee having group life insurance as an employee cannot also be covered as a spouse dependent if the spouse is also employed by the University. And, if both parents are employed by the University, only one parent can cover the child(ren). If duplicate coverage is discovered during an audit, one policy will be cancelled and the employee will be notified. If an individual is covered as an employee and a spouse, the coverage as a spouse will be cancelled. If an individual is covered as a dependent child of two employees, the coverage as a dependent child of the parent who worked for the shorter period of time will be cancelled. If both parents worked for the same length of time, the coverage of the parent whose birthday is later in the year will be cancelled. If discovered at the time of death, only the claims for which the employee was eligible (based on the ordering rules described above) will be paid. Premiums will not be reimbursed retroactively.


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